Tips On Starting An Employee Wellness Program

The majority of business owners fail to realize that they invest more in productivity than in health costs when employees are ill. Incorporating an employee wellness program can reap several benefits not only to employees, but to employers as well. When employees are in good health and have job satisfaction, they work more effectively, which ultimately helps business owners to expand their business and maximize profits and sales. Some of the following measures can be taken to start a wellness program for employees.

Conduct surveys to figure out what kind of programs interest employees

It is a good idea to form an employee committee in order to conduct a survey. You can form a committee of members from all departments to extract different opinions from each department. Include people from your company that are responsible for certain aspects of well being and health of employees such as the human resources department, the employee canteen or cafeteria and so on. You have to ensure that this committee conducts regular meetings to discuss the success of the program. If you have a corporate doctor for employees in your organization, you can figure out the details about flu vaccinations in Melbourne services for employees. 

Determine the type of lifestyle of employees to organize health programs

You need to figure out how many employees take smoke breaks during the day and whether they perform physical workouts on a regular basis. Also, determine the kind of diet they follow and whether they visit doctors for a routine checkup. Theanswers to these questions will help in understanding what type of program to be organized for the betterment of employees. You can offer employees cholesterol screening, monitor blood pressure, in addition to flu vaccination programs. You can seek help from the local hospital nearby to organize these health programs. 

Health event on a weekly basis

It is ideal to utilize Monday or any other suitable day as the day for employee health and wellness. This will help in starting the week on a good and healthy note. Employers can organize fruits on the house for employees on Mondays, Monday walks or health screenings and other health checkups. By keeping a day for such events, employers can focus on their work on the rest of the day of the week. This way, work will not get hampered and employees can dedicate their time and attention to work. 

Programs to assist employees overcome certain addictions

Companies can choose to provide counselors at the workplace for employees who are drug addicts and also other addictions such as smoking and drinking. When employees obtain benefits from such onsite programs, it also benefits the company. These are some of the steps employers can take to make the employee wellness program successful and benefits for employees.