Detoxing – The Five Tips You Need

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If you believe that detox programs are only torturous diet programs, then you could not be any more wrong! Detox can be as simple as adding a few things to your existing diet. Below are some tips that you can incorporate from tomorrow onwards:

  • Start your day with lemon water – you do not have to start your day with a tea detox Australia – a homemade lemonade will do the job for you. Lemons, in addition to their high content of C vitamins as a citrusy fruit (that help you strengthen your immune system and fight against pathogens), have detoxifying properties that can contribute to an improved digestive system health, clarify your skin and even improve your mood. And of course, let us not forget that they taste delicious!
  • Drink detox tea throughout the day – to ensure that the medicinal tea you are drinking can fulfill its detoxifying functions, most brands actively encourage you to consume at least two to three cups daily for a month. Since you probably won’t consume that much tea in one sitting, it is best to distribute this target over the entirety of your day: for example, a cup in the mid-morning, one after lunch and finally, an evening tea break. There are plenty of varieties to choose from (chicory tea, burdock tea, garlic tea, dandelion tea, ginger tea, etc. being a few examples), so there is definitely a variety that you will like.
  • Increase the superfoods in your diet – superfoods are food varieties that boast of remarkable properties, whether in their large range of vitamins, minerals or other substances. Basically, consuming these foods in the right amounts can guarantee that you meet your daily diet requirements easily. Whilst the term might be more familiar with exotic food varieties such as the acai berry, the goji berry or kale, superfoods are actually quite common: for example, your average apple, spinach and grapefruit also fall into the category of superfoods!
  • Increase the bowls of fruits and vegetables – this is a no-brainer, but detoxifying regimes basically call for healthier diets. This obviously means to cut back on the processed foods, sugary beverages, unhealthy fats and oils, etc. and to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Of course, make sure that the fruits or vegetables you consume are actually healthy – consuming green leaves doused in pesticides or weedicides won’t actually help you. To know that you are actually helping your body, it is best to stick to the pricier organic food varieties during your detox week at the very least.
  • Add herbs and spices to your dishes – and if you tend to cook your dishes without adding too many extras, it might be helpful to know that herbs and spices do not only increase the flavor of dishes, but also contribute towards detoxifying your body. Turmeric, garlic, pepper and many of the spices and herbs that you would commonly see in the kitchens of China and India actually boast of incredible medicinal properties.