How To Protect Your Child From Negative Vibrations?

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The concept of negative and positive vibrations have been present in the world for centuries, most predominantly in the eastern world where people are more likely to rely on the knowledge of their ancestors. However, the western world is also now giving due recognition to this concept as the scientists are beginning to understand the truth behind it all.

This intangible thing called vibrations can be created from the earth itself or from man made things such as power lines or telephone lines, etc. and can also emit from the equipment we use day to day such as the computer, mobile phone, etc. In addition, it can also come from people with negative thoughts.

As you can see, the negative thoughts are everywhere and can harm anyone. Babies and little children are especially vulnerable as their own energy has not yet fully developed and may not be strong enough to fight the negativity surrounding them. You may have come across small children, even babies wearing something called a tesla pendants and if you did not know about the bad things that can result from harmful vibrations, you may have even thought that it was just an accessory. However, if you compared the development of that child to another of the same age and from the same area, you would realize that the one who was wearing the pendant is better than the other in every way. For example, he may be able to understand and respond to something faster, pay more attention to a task, etc.In order to protect your baby from the negative thoughts of the others and other types of bad vibrations, you can burn sage and spread the smoke in the room and around the child. This is a commonly used technique and is said to be quite effective. However, you have to remember that the effect will not last long so you will have to repeat the process whenever you suspect that negativity is closing up on your child.Another commonly used method is sprinkling sea salt. Some say that having a sea salt bath would also help. However, as was the case with sage, the effect and the protection will last only for a limited time. In contrast if you wear energy healing pendants the protection will be with you for a long time. In addition, pendants may be more desirable as the smoke from sage and sea salt may be too harsh for a little one and he or she may also not like it creating more negativity. However, if you are planning on purchasing a healing accessory for your child make sure you get it from a trusted source as there may be a lot of fake products that will not give you the intended benefit.

The other method is to encourage children to develop positive vibrations by teaching them to harbor only good thoughts all the time.
I do hope you will benefit from these methods and your child will excel both in school and his or her social life with the help of the positive vibrations that they are carrying around and will make the world a better place for all of us to live in without any trouble.tesla-services